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Carbon fiber case

Carbon fiber case

Carbon fiber case

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Is your phone boring or does it need some solid protection?

This Carbon fiber case will do both!
Just imagine dropping your phone and having to spend hundreds of dollars just to fix it. Now can you not only protect it, but your doing it in style!

The Carbon fiber case is Anti-knock, also the case doesn't interfere with your connection. The case is matte with a glossy finish, so when light shines on it it will be glossy (see pictures)

Some main features:

  • This carbon fiber case is 100% waterproof.

  • This carbon fiber case is made out of 100% real carbon fiber.

  • This carbon fiber case is currently only available for iPhone.

The carbon fiber case is compatible with screen protectors and wireless charging. The case weighs approximately 19 grams. Its made out of Carbon fiber.

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