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Faceless man (Car mirror accessory)

Faceless man (Car mirror accessory)

Faceless man (Car mirror accessory)

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Never have someone look in your car ever again!

Just Imagine being a thief and he looks into your car and the first thing he sees is a faceless man on a swing staring at him. We can assure you that he will be running away screaming!

The Faceless man will be swinging along while you ride, speed bumps or just a slight bumpy road. Don't forget, sometimes you need to push him once a while otherwise he gets evil.

Anime Spirited Away No Face Man Car Pendant Rearview Mirror Hanging  Ornament New | eBay
The faceless man is made out of a material called RESIN. Item weighs around 20 grams, this is so the faceless man can swing around and not stay still all the time!

  • This Faceless man will scare thief's away! 

  • This Faceless man doesn't chill in cars only, he can swing everywhere.

  • This Faceless man gives the car an awesome vibe!


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