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Carbon fiber card holder v.2

Carbon fiber card holder v.2

Carbon fiber card holder v.2

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Is your wallet to big or to messy? 

Just imagine being at a cashier and you are looking for the right card or trying to figure out if you have enough cash on you. 
The carbon fiber cardholder is a smart cardholder that looks freaking sick!

The cardholder holds up to 6 cards, holds cash on the back and has an extra department to store coins or cash.

How the carbon fiber card holder works:

Move the head of the card holder to open the compartment and slide out the cards. The carbon fiber card holder's main compartment is made out of aluminum.

This Carbon fiber card holder comes with RFID protection, this way nobody can swipe a pay terminal and take money from your cardholder. 

  • This carbon fiber cardholder saves you from being scammed!

  • This carbon fiber cardholder looks absolutely sick!

  • This carbon fiber cardholder is made from 100% real carbon fiber.

The carbon fiber cardholder is 6 centimeters wide and 10,7 centimeters long. It weighs 100 grams. The material is carbon fiber combined with the aluminium compartment.

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