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Monster claw car sticker

Monster claw car sticker

Monster claw car sticker

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Always wanted to spice up your car without paying hundreds of dollars!? 

Just Imagine giving your car a whole different look just by adding some dope stickers. We can assure you that after you add some Monster claw stickers to your car you won't regret it !

The Monster Claw car sticker is waterproof and is made out of P.E.T Material which is known for stickiness at least over a year! 

Monster Claw rip Headlight or Tail light Decal Set
  • This Monster claw car sticker will stick for at least a year!

  • This Monster claw car sticker is water resistant.

  • This Monster claw car sticker is easy to remove.

The stickers are approximately 41 cm / 16 inch long and 12cm/ 5 inch wide. The stickers are completely customizable to your liking. One of the most popular places to place the sticker is over the headlight. Cut the sticker to your liking!

MONSTER CLAWS SCRATCH Headlight Decal set Fit Challenger Charger Durango  Camaro - $9.50 | PicClick

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