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3D BMW rim watch stainless steel

Size guide

Size chart
The strap length of all our watches are 230mm long. All our watches come with a tool adjust your watch to the right size. 

Determining your strap size in 3 Easy Steps:

#1 - Use a standard ruler that offers a Centimeter side. Always measure in Centimeters as Inches are too large for an accurate conversion to Millimeters.

#2 - Measure the space between your watches lugs. (see red line labeled "Inner Space" in image)

#3 - Once you have the measurement in Centimeters, move the decimal one place to the right to convert your measurement into Millimeters.



Show everyone your passion just by showing your watch!

Just imagine having this watch on your wrist and matching the rims of your car or someone else's car! The watch is adjustable and comes with a tool to remove or add links to adjust to your perfect wrist size. The watch is made out of strengthened alloy body and a stainless steel band and back.
  • This 3D TE37 rim watch will always look cool while driving!

  • This 3D TE37 rim watch comes with a tool to adjust to the right size.

  • This 3D TE37 rim watch is a must have for car enthusiasts.

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